Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a magical fishing village located just minutes from Cancun and Playa del Carmen where you can relax and enjoy a varied lifestyle; enjoy great moments of relaxation practicing yoga on white sand or dare to practice different disciplines of ecotourism.

You can also enjoy its clear waters and snorkel along the coast second world’s largest reef.

You will have at hand a great opportunity to enjoy the route you cenotes and experience the bowels of these magical places while You travel diving, which have the opportunity to practice it describe it as an experience that once you try you will not will explain as you had tried before.


You will also have on hand a great diversity of culture and the language of the area’s residents include the German, Dutch, French, Italian, English and of course Maya.

Music, dance, crafts, food and activities; this and more is possible to live in this magical paradise. Go ahead and give your lifestyle a unique twist with our residential.

También tendrás a la mano una gran diversidad de cultura ya que los idiomas de los residentes del área abarcan el Alemán, Holandés, Francés, Italiano, Inglés y por supuesto Maya.

Música, baile, artesanías, comida y actividades diversas; esto y más es posible viviendo en este mágico paraíso. No esperes más y dale a tu estilo de vida un giro único con nuestras residenciales.